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Soursop is Higher in Fiber and Minerals than an Orange

Soursop or Orange – which one has higher fibre and minerals.

For achieving and maintaining fitness, the body needs particular nutrients, notably minerals and fibre. To have good health and keep the composition of body cells balanced, it is imperative to have adequate quantities of minerals and fibre in your diet.

Minerals serve the purpose of enhancing the process of metabolism and producing energy, helping the body recover from stress and fatigue and serving as a deterrent for common problems like fever and influenza. Fibre is also essential, helping in maintaining regular bowel movements, lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar. Fibre-rich food also makes you feel full for longer durations, consequently lowering food consumption and helping you stay in shape.

For many decades, oranges have been considered one of the richest available natural sources of minerals and fibre but it has been found that Soursop is higher in fibre than an orange.

This is a chart that shows nutrient levels usually found in one orange –

  • 3.1g of fibre content
  • 69 calories of energy
  • 7% of total daily potassium requirement

Oranges are considered total food as they have a great balance in terms of nutrient content.

Of late, however, there has been a surge in the popularity of the Soursop fruit. Grown extensively in the Asia-Pacific area, the Soursop fruit is a veritable reservoir of important nutrients and elements essential for the human body.

This chart is an indication of the nutrient content of a Soursop fruit –

  • 3.3g of fibre content
  • 65 calories of energy
  • 8% of the total daily potassium requirement
  • 5% of the total daily magnesium requirement
  • Substantial trace amounts of iron and copper

If you take one look at these charts the Soursop fruit emerges as a clear winner and is a much better and more complete source of minerals and fibre than the orange. With more nutrients in larger volumes, it is a much better choice of fruit to get essential nutrients from.