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Soursop – Help for diabetes, hypertension, weight loss


Soursop FruitCommonly cultivated in the Asia Pacific, South and Central America, and West Africa, the soursop (graviola) or guyabano fruit measure up to 12 inches and can weigh approximately 2 kgs. Apart from being eaten raw, the soursop (graviola) can likewise be eaten in form of shakes, juices, ice creams or tea leaves.

If you are wondering what is so remarkable about this fruit, continue reading to know more on how this little fruit is changing our health care and touching our lives in more ways than one.

Preserve cholesterol Levels: cholesterol, over a period of time, has actually ended up being a severe issue. Lots of people are being preyed on by this lifestyle condition, and it can cause numerous other conditions consisting of heart issues. Fibre can play an active function in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. Alongside, it also assists in relieving blood pressure levels and regulates other problems like heart swelling

Blood glucose Levels: If cholesterol is lethal in the modern times, diabetes isn’t really any less. It has actually affected a large number of people, and has been hindering their capability of leading a normal life. Fibre is understood to slower the absorption of sugar, which in turn results in the enhancement blood glucose levels. For that reason, it is like lifeblood for the diabetics.

Weight Check: If you have actually been attempting to lower your weight but have actually not been successful, fibre can help you doing this. Eating fibre rich meal makes you feel complete for an extended period of time. This suggests that you consume lower, and thus the calorie consumption is considerably reduced.

Soursop has been known to help sufferers of diabetes, hypertension and even help with weight loss. This magical fruit helps a whole host of others ailments.

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20 Replies to “Soursop – Help for diabetes, hypertension, weight loss”

  1. I have read a lot about this fruit. Why are they saying its good for illness then it can damage the brain cell if taken to long. So whats its gonna be??, Good or bad. Take it or dont take it. Im not understanding. I thought all fruits for you where good n healthy. Why?????? Is it saying this fruit damages the brain cell? WILL SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE. I ordered the graviola pulp. Been taking it for 4 days now. Havent seen any change in my body yet.

    1. Hi,

      Some people and companies try to discredit the good affects of this fruit but if you take anything to excess you will get sick. This also applies to soursop also. You should not have too much as it is very strong and you need to take a break every month for a few days.

      If you follow this you should be fine. I have never heard anyone having brain cell damage but it can affect the good flora in your stomach if you don’t take a break each month. Mind you, I have not heard of anyone having this problem but that also might be because our instructions are very clear on taking a break when drinking soursop.

  2. I got the soup stop leaves and I voiled them to make a tea like drink and I drink it everyday for my health but I also understood that it is good for fighting cancer

    1. We have had several customers contact us at various times stating that by taking the leaves this has helped reduce and in some cases, kill the cancer cells.

      I can’t tell you it’s an instant cure or it will help as everyone is different, but it’s certainly worth a try.

  3. Hi..I am diabetic and old..I am under medication with metformin and glibenclamide..is it okey to drink the tea in theorning on an empty stomach and take your medication at the same time…many thanks..

  4. I have got fresh soursop..Can i give juice of it to my diabetic mother as i searched for its nutitive value..100gm of soursop contain 14g of sugar

    1. It’s best not to take any juice as there is too much sugar in the juice that you buy in stores. If you would like to drink the soursop you can always buy the soursop fruit and make smoothies from it.

      Using the fresh soursop is fine but it won’t last very long unless you freeze it.

      Its ok to give to your mother because fresh soursop has no sugar, only the juice you buy does.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Jean,

      Soursop has been known to help diabetes by lowering the blood sugar levels. Once a day should be enough to achieve this but you can have up to 3 per day if needed.

    1. Hi Joi,

      You can purchase from this website and we can then post them to you apart from the fruit as this is perishable.

      We send overseas every week so no issues with that.

  5. I am a dibetes patient. Can sour sop leave tea fully cure diabetes? Do you have any diabetes patient cure?

    1. Hi Jo,

      I cant say that soursop will cure your diabetes but I do know it does lower your blood sugar level, so it certainly helps.

      We have several customers that buy the soursop purely for this reason.

    1. HI Jo,

      Yes, soursop can help reduce cholesterol levels. I use it myself for this and high blood pressure problems that I have and it keeps it under control.

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