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Soursop Fruits: Food for Life

Soursop leaves and soursop fruits expand on flowering, evergreen trees belonging to the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Africa as well as South America. The fruit is fairly large in comparison with its little, quick expanding plant that reaches up to 10 meters high. Medically called Annona muricata, soursop fruit is also called by numerous other names that include graviola, guanabana and Brazilian paw as well as cherimoya.

The heart-shaped fruit with its soft fleshy spinal columns and harsh green skin is an efficient treatment against some conditions. In most nations, people use the leaves and bark of the tree for standard remedies, as these are almost twice as strong as the fruit.

Soursop Fruits

Soursop fruits are packed with nutrients as per below:

  • Vitamin C- An all-natural antioxidant, it helps in improving the body immune system as well as reducing the aging process.
  • Phosphorus- This crucial mineral aids in bone mass development and also protects against a weakening of bones.
  • Potassium- Extremely useful in discouraging hypertension.
  • Rich in Fiber- Content in soursop is very nutritional as well as great tasting.
  • Iron- A natural resource for supplementing our daily iron demands and also protecting against anemia.
  • Rich in vitamin contents B1, B2

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