Soursop FruitPharmaceuticals companies are taking pains to ensure that the immense benefits of soursop don’t reach the common public. This is one of the reasons why it is not so well-known in the first place, even though it has been scientifically proven that soursop is one fruit that tackles bad cancer cells 10,000 times more effectively than chemotherapy.

Also the single chemical compound annonaceous acetogenin found in the soursop fruit & leaves that has been identified as the chief cancer killing compound. Is it this acetogenin that the pharma companies are trying to reproduce in their laboratories, obtain patents and then market them as synthetic medicines to garner huge revenues and booming business. Since there cannot be any monopoly over the benefits provided by mother nature, there is a better (but unfair) alternative of getting it reproduced artificially in labs and then do its marketing as a wonder drug for cancer.

Till the time this doesn’t happen, the companies are wresting their money power to stop any kind of progress that happens in the field of identifying better benefits of soursop as a natural fruit and are not supporting any funds or clinical trials for the same. We believe that nature is the best doctor and since soursop is available in such abundance in natural way, there is no need to come up with artificial medicines as a drug when we have the natural way available to us. Also we believe when such a drug does get released it is sure to cost way more than the fruit & leaves.

Lastly since we know that natural products always work better than artificial drugs, the soursop is preferably to be consumed in its natural state or in form of un-altered shakes or juices. This helps bring out the most of the beneficial acetogenin that in turn help fight cancer in a tremendously effective way. Soursop leaves are twice the potency of the fruit, much easier to manage and a lot simpler to prepare.