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Does your good cholesterol need a lift?


Soursop is the fruit that is produced from the Annona Muricata (an evergreen tree that flowers and has broad leaves). This tree is belonging to Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

The taste of this fruit is a combination of a pineapple and a strawberry with a sour citrus undertone and there is tip of underlying coconut taste. If you have not yet tasted this delicious healthy fruit, you are missing out on some fantastic flavour that hosts a whole lot of healthy goodness.

Due to the fact that there is 77 % of Vitamin C found in Soursop, it assists to avoid urinary tract infections because Vitamin C will increase the acid levels in the urine and decrease germs that may be lingering in the urinary tract.

Constipation is a typical problem and there is 30 % of fiber discovered in Soursop may help keep your routine and your weight at a healthy level.

Potassium and Magnesium are important minerals that everybody has to lower cramping and lower bothersome water retention.Thiamin is a form of Vitamin B which helps to boost energy levels and soursop has more than 10 % of this crucial vitamin.

Does your good cholesterol need a lift? Then delighting in fresh tasty fruit, like soursop, is highly advised. Also, there is 8 % of iron found in a soursop and this is an excellent mineral to keep red blood cells healthy.

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