Buy Soursop Teabags and Soursop Leaves in Australia

The Goodness of Soursop

SOURSOP leaves are rich in a number of substances consisting of protein, calcium, fructose, fat, vitamins A, B, C and so forth.

Soursop can assist in maintaining a pleasant lifestyle as it is extremely nourishing. Most prefer Soursop made from the tea leaves but others choose Soursop in other forms for use in cold drinks like juices, smoothies and milkshakes

Buy Soursop in Australia

Soursop sourced from organic plantations is caffeine-free and great tasting.
Made from the highest quality soursop leaves, our tea gives you 100% pure soursop tea.

You can also savour the great taste of Soursop Fruit

To enjoy the flavour of soursop tea, you can drink it hot or cold.

We are helping people find out more about soursop.

Soursop is a fruit grown across the Asia Pacific, South and Central America, and West Africa. It looks similar to jackfruit, 11- 13 inches in size, and weighs approximately 1 pound.

The consumption pattern of soursop varies as per individual choice:

  • Some eat soursop just like any other fruit,
  • Some prefer consuming Soursop in other patterns such as Cold beverages: juices, milkshake
  • Others also like having it as a tea or ice cream made from Soursop tree leaves

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**Deliveries to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines cannot be made as deliveries do not always reach their destinations.
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